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Become a member of Dance Masters of America

DANCE MASTERS OF AMERICA, INC. is an International Organization of dance educators who have been certified by test to teach. We offer membership in more than thirty chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Our organization is always on the “cutting edge” of the newest and best teaching techniques and has had an enormous impact upon both the art and education of dance for more than a century. 

Dance Masters of America has been certifying and setting the standards in dance education since 1884. Since its inception, the goals of the organization have been to improve the standards of dance benefits offered to its members and their students.

DMA provides syllabi that are being utilized by universities, colleges, and dance institutions throughout the world. A continual update of the syllabi makes this tool a living instrument of learning. 

DMA Teachers Training School Program, an outstanding educational program for dance teachers which provides a comprehensive curriculum, an outstanding faculty, a unique focus on technique and teaching skills, and the nurturing of camaraderie among fellow teachers. 

DMA chapters provide regional workshops, seminars, forums and performance opportunities for its members and their students. 

More benefits of Membership in DMA:

  • Membership and association in a highly accredited professional dance organization.

  • DMA information magazine published quarterly, and Our National website 

  • Special reduced ASCAP and BMI yearly rates when paid through DMA. 

  • Bi-yearly educational master dance workshops for members and member's students. 
    Special Master Classes weekend (for teachers and teacher's assistants only). 

  • Solo Title Competitions, Dance Scholarship Auditions and Performing Arts Competitions for member's students. 

  • The privilege of using Dance Masters of America's Emblem in your advertising. 

  • A membership certificate, suitable for display in your place of business. 

Requirements for Membership:

  • Must be a Dance Teacher 18 years or older 

  • Must have conducted dance schools or have taught in established 
    dance schools for 3 or more years. 

  • Testing* in a minimum of one area; being either ballet, tap, jazz or acrobatics 
    (if teaching multiple subjects, testing is required in a minimum of two areas).

*Testing consists of written, verbal and physical tests, and in some subjects, an essay is required. 

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania

To be eligible for active membership in Dance Masters of PA, Chapter #10, 
the applicant shall:
  • Be over eighteen (18) years of age

  • Have taught dance a minimum of three (3) years. 

  • Be actively engaged in the teaching of dance through:
                   1. Ownership of a school
                   2. Operation of a school
                   3. Association with/and/or assistantship to a qualified teacher, or 
                   4. an institution of higher learning.

  • Pass, with a grade of at least 75% an examination in all dance subjects 
    taught by said teacher.

We encourage you to become a member of this outstanding dance organization and hope you will become an active participant with Dance Masters of PA Chapter #10 and Dance Masters of America, Inc.  For a membership application or more information in Pennsylvania please use our interest card, or contact us direct at:

Dance Masters of PA, Chapter #10
Wood Street
Clarion , PA 16214
Attn: Janet Amoroso - Secretary
724-226-4644 // 724-407-8261 Fax: 724-226-4644

*If you are not in Pennsylvania,  Please call:  1-866-9-JOIN-DMA.


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